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Pinned topic rest api 403 error

‏2016-08-31T18:30:26Z |

Hi dev team,

I have been trying to consume the json from your rest api. So most of our servers are 7.2.6 to 7.2.7 and to get to them I need to use a remote desktop to access the qradar. Now with this in mind I dont think we are supposed to install python 3.3 where the qradar app is installed. With that in mind lets call this Server A. I log into ServerA as an admin. Once I do this I try to use Postman in chrome to access the rest api.

Once I get into lets say url

  I get the following error:

{"message":null,"details":{},"description":"User \"admin\" has provided insufficient credentials to access this endpoint resource","code":26,"http_response":{"message":"Your account is not authorized to access the requested resource","code":403}}  11:49:08 AM



So if I am an admin why does it give me a 403 error? Is there somewhere in the qradar console to enable json to be consumed?