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‏2009-04-09T11:13:42Z |

Hello and welcome to the India Rational Group. We're grateful for your participation.

Any questions about the management of the group, or reports of spam should be directed to the group Owner or Managers. They can be contacted through the Members page.

While using developerWorks, please remember that developerWorks is a good source of info on how to use the system and can be found at

For articles, tutorials, standards and any other technocal resource for Rational you can access If you have any questions or feedbacks to give, you can try the official developerWorks site at

As a Volunteer developerWorks Group Facilitator I am available for general dW guidance. If you feel you may want to send me any questions now or in future, I would welcome you sending me a connection request (If you haven't already). This will make it easier for you to get back in touch with me so I can help you get orientated.

You can send me a connection request by clicking on my name in this message or on my MydeveloperWorks profile.You can Add me to your network. I'll see the request and accept it. This will make it easier for you to send me a message.


Apra Sahney

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    Re: Welcome to Rational India Group!

    I want to join this group.