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Pinned topic How to create KVM Cloud Provider in ICCT?

‏2013-10-18T05:50:43Z |

Hi All,

Need a favor.. Could you please help me out in creating the KVM Cloud Provider in ICCT.?

I have created a VMware Cloud provider. I want to create KVM Provider now.

I have attached the screenshot of the document below, as per the document it states to copy or download "vafes.tar.gz" file from ICCT instance & this file is presnt in /drouter/vafes/ directory. But I am not able to find /drouter/vafes directory in my ICCT.  And to create KVM as a cloud provider it should have VAFES API running as per the 2nd screenshot attached.

Please help me where to find the vafes.tat.gz file..

Thanks in advance.