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‏2013-10-08T20:42:55Z | 8.0 clearcase rational rhapsody

Good evening,

I'm very new to Rhapsody. I have created a new view and branch on clearcase but when I log into Rhapsody it keeps giving me the (RO) "read only tag. Do I go into clear case to check the design out to make changes or can I accomplish this in Rhapsody 8.0 itself?


Thank you


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  • JeanZ
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    Re: Check out new version of Rhapsody 8.0 from clearcase


    Hi, Bill

    Yes, you can absolutely perform CM operations from Rhapsody. Rhapsody provides the CM interface to accomplish this.

    You should first save the model inside of clearcase view and then open the model from Rhapsody.

    You right click on any model element, from the context menu, you can find [Configuration Management] menu, from there you should see other submenus available.

    For the CM related operation/settings, I suggest you first take a look of product help.


  • Marquis
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    Re: Check out new version of Rhapsody 8.0 from clearcase


    Hi Bill,

    The (RO) means the unit has not been checked out of ClearCase.  As JeanZ said, you can do this from Rhapsody through the context menu.  However, first you have to have connected to ClearCase, which is done through File->Configuration Items and clicking the "Connect to Archive" button (the one on the top left).  However, if you are seeing errors doing this, as a workaround, you can also check a Rhapsody unit out from ClearCase from the ClearCase Explorer as well.  This will also remove the (RO) status in the Rhapsody browser.  Depending on what object you need to work with in Rhapsody, you may need to move up the project tree in the browser to check out the correct parent unit for the object you want to work with.

    Hope this helps