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We  try to use the toolkit jobs but it doesn't work.

On having finished the wizard appears on screen the next error message:

"[09:17:23] <ERR> Error producido por wizard_newjob.html, línea 269 [VAR:2277]
[09:17:23] <ERR> No es una variable textual
div style='text-align:center'>

The job has not been created.

We use TPMfOSd (compilacion 055.01) and TPMfOSd-TKIT-Fix-

We seek the form to correct this error in the file: wizard_newjob.html but we don't see the mode.

Please, if someone can help us we will be grateful.


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    Re: toolkit jobs




    I'd like to suggest to open an official Problem Management Record (PMR) to provide you the right support for the issue you are facing.

    Eventually, I suggest to report in the PMR some additional information for a better determination of your problem:

    -have you ever used the toolkit?

    -Is it the first job that you are trying to run?

    -if it is possible to have a description of your job, its contents and its purpose, eventually providing some screenshots or file contents

    -verify that your debug level is = 4 (Server parameters > Configuration > Global debug level), reproduce the issue and then attach the folder named 'logs' (<Base directory of server files>\logs, generally C:\TPMfOS Files\logs) where we can find the server logs.


    I hope this could help.