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‏2013-06-24T17:34:49Z | bigint imdt rowstamp to varchar2

We are migrating from Oracle to db2, using Maximo, which has a rowstamp field for multiuser integrity tracking.

Problem: Oracle is using rowstamp varchar(40) and db2, out of the box with Maximo, uses rowstamp (bigint).

Our challenge is to export the rowstamp data from oracle as an integer, not as a string in our csv file.

In the file, we have put, as instructed by IMDT directions:  MAXIMO.PM.ROWSTAMP NUMBER(10);
We have also tried Integer and Bitint.

Problem is that if we leave in the DLL tables, etc in db2 maximo and migrate only the date, the data is rejected as rowstamp has been exported as ,"3367346",  

MDT is long on Extracting and long on Loading, but we are having a difficult time finding info for doing a simple Data type change.