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‏2014-03-05T17:25:20Z |

I've created a SQL stored proc (simple SELECT statement) using Data studio 4.1. I am receiving the following error message.

DB2 V10R1 SQL Procedure Processor DSNTPSMP 1.21 (PM56256 2012-03-19)
DSNTPSMP CONSOLE 2 Precompile warnings and/or errors, rc=-2323
DSNTPSMP CONSOLE 3 Abend 913 occurred while running Precompile program DSNHPC

I'd appreciate any of your suggestions...I am new to DB2 and wanted to get it fixed.

Thank you


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    Re: DB2 Stored Proc


    You are facing deadlock/timeout - check syslog and the output of the wlm AS where DSNTPSMP is running. If you have some DB2 tools capturing negative sql codes , even better ....