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Pinned topic Samba performance tips?

‏2013-06-15T02:39:19Z |


We've got a Windows 2008 R2 server connected to a large GPFS system, and have been seeing pretty poor performance, particularly when read/writing simultaneously.  Straight file copies seem to be doing ok (20x + the speed of a simultanenous read/write).  I've noticed that the system appears to be using SMB v1 (NT1), not SMB2 -- when setting min protocol = SMB2, the Windows 2008 server no longer recognizes the share (I've confirmed that SMB2 is enabled in Windows).  I can't seem to enable SMB2 in a way that works.

Questions: what is the IDEAL way to serve up files from a GPFS system to a Windows box via a mapped drive?  We've tried the GPFS client and never got it working, so I'm thinking either: 1) tweaking Samba (how?), 2) upgrading the system to Windows Server 2012 and hoping SMB3 works, and 3) using NFS.

Has anyone shared up from a GPFS to a Windows box and gotten admirable I/O?  If so, how did you do it?