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Pinned topic Create views while running in Batch Mode

‏2013-07-03T14:17:12Z | elliscnck


I have a script that create view based on DXL attributes I would like to run the script nightly to refresh and create and views; is there a way of running this script in batch mode so that the views will be created? So far I have had no louck getting the script to work while in batch mode since module need to be visible to create views. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    Re: Create views while running in Batch Mode


    I have not been able to deal with views in Batch mode.  The GUI and underlying #include files are not loaded.  I'm guessing, however, that if you loaded the correctly native #include files and used the clever fView_Load() function posted here a couple years ago, it may be accomplishable.

    Seems to me however that since views change so infrequently, you really don't need to run this in batchmode .. at least one scheduled to run often (like once a week Saturday night).

    Search for script "CopyViews.dxl".  You can manually define the views you like in some template module, then use the script to "copy" that view out to a bunch of modules.  The template module must be at the top of the hierarchy of target modules (such as the Project root folder).