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‏2013-09-03T15:15:23Z | de-duplicate

Hi All,

I have a question regarding the FileNet de-duplicating the content.


Can we configure de-duplication of content in FileNet to de-duplicate the content based on the any of the following 

- Document Class

- Attribute Based like date modified etc.

- Record Status

- File Size


Thanks in advance




  • jaybowen
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    Re: De-duplication of FileNet content


    Hi Ksan, as I recall duplicate content suppression is based on the storage policy/area which has nothing to do with the document class, other than being assigned from the parent class.  If you wanted to control this behavior you could programmatically assign the storage area using workflow and conditions of the property you want to evaluate. If a property changes the workflow can change the storage area / policy as needed.

    Duplicate content suppression will create a table (or more) with checksums of the added content and an int column for number of files that reference that same checksum. So a file that occurs five times with have 5 + checksum in that table.