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Pinned topic Unable to find "Fulfilling Work Products" relationships in the Work Product Slot

‏2017-06-20T04:30:55Z | slots


I have added couple of artifacts to a work product slot and used the slot object as a output to a process task.

In the browsing view when I navigate to slots from the task. I am unable to view the "Fulfilling Work Products" links in the WorkProduct Slot object and its corresponding descriptor. 

In the preference, I have also checked the option - show all the workproducts that fulfill in the corresponding work product slot element.

Is that I missed something in the preferences apart from this.  




  • BruceJMacIsaac
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    Re: Unable to find "Fulfilling Work Products" relationships in the Work Product Slot


    Some possible causes of the problem are:

    1. You are using a custom skin,  rather than an out-of-the-box skin.

    Test by using a different skin and see if that solves the issue.

    2. Your configuration is excluding the work products.

    Do the work  products show up at all, or is it just the fulfils relationship that is missing?


    I suggest you try creating a simple plug-in with one work product fulfilling one slot, and see if the feature is working for you.

    Then differences in your situation may point to a solution.

    If all else fails, you could send your library to IBM customer support and see if the problem can be diagnosed for your specific situation.

    Best wishes,