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Pinned topic Setting enviorment for starting Informix server

‏2014-03-22T09:23:13Z | #informix #setup

i installed informix i am trying to start informix database server.first i set enviorment variable $INFORMIXDIR to /opt/IBM/informix/ after that i set $INFORMIXSQLHOSTS variable to /opt/IBM/informix/etc/sqlhosts .after that i run command ./oninit from bin folder.its giving me warning

         Warning: could not access INFORMIXSQLHOSTS /opt/IBM/informix/etc/sqlhosts.

actually there is no file in named sqlhosts in etc folder but there are many files which have this string included in their is list








i want to know what will be the sqlhosts file content so that i will be able to access my db server.please guideline.

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    Re: Setting enviorment for starting Informix server


    Just create new file with the name 'sqlhosts' in the $INFORMIXDIR/etc directory.

    The content of the 'sqlhosts' file should be like this:


          ifx_bob   onsoctcp  service_ifx_bob



    ifx_bob = this is your $INFORMIXSERVER value, the NAME of Your Informix instance.

    onsoctcp = this is a protocol to use to connect the Informix instance (onsoctcp is the most popular network, see doc. for more). = the name of your server (should be DNS name or IP or alias from /etc/hosts).

    service_ifx_bob = this is the service name or directly the port number of the service. This name or port number MUST BE in /etc/services



    service_ifx_bob    2020/tcp     # My Informix instance called ifx_bob (INFORMIXSERVER=ifx_bob)

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