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Pinned topic Content Manager for iSeries get error 6288 on Win 7 64bit

‏2014-02-19T04:57:14Z | 6288 because error frn6740a: logon not of successful the was

Dear All!

I got this when log on from win 7 64bit, anyone have this experience please help, even I checked the LOCPATH and variable environment are ok.

CM/400 5.1 Initialization  (ekdws.dll created Jun  6 2012 19:00:07)
Environment Variables:
   VI400_CONFIG_PATH        (NULL)
   VI400_LOG_PATH           (NULL)
   VI400_LOG_TRACE          (NULL)
   VI400_LOG_DATA           (NULL)
   VI400_LOG_STORAGE        (NULL)
   VI400_LOG_BUFFER         (NULL)
   VI400_LOG_LOCKS          (NULL)
   VI400_LOG_LOGON          (NULL)
   VI400_LOG_ALL            (NULL)
   VI400_DUMP_LIMIT         (NULL)
CommInit             ekdwscma.cpp   493 2014/02/19 09:06:14.222 T=2092
        Connecting to HOST=CM400.PRUDENTIAL.COM.VN PORT=31015
Sim400ConvertCodepage ekdwsgds.cpp  2667 2014/02/19 09:06:14.315 T=2092
        ERROR: iconv rc=-1 errno=43 inbytes=6 outbytes=6 inleft=6 outleft=6
        ERROR: Invalid conversion descriptor
SetupCodepage        ekdwscma.cpp  1542 2014/02/19 09:06:14.315 T=2092
        Code page conversion test of ABCDE
        Original    41 42 43 44 45
        To EBCDIC:  0 aa aa aa aa
        To ASCII:   00 aa aa aa aa
SetupCodepage        ekdwscma.cpp  1595 2014/02/19 09:06:14.315 T=2092
        ERROR: Codepage conversion failed.  Verify that environment
        ERROR: variable   LOCPATH   points to a directory containing
        ERROR: ICONV and UCONVTAB directories, and code page tables
        ERROR: starting with "IBM-" are in UCONVTAB
        Host codepage 37
        Workstation codepage 1258
        Ascii codepage 1252



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    Re: Content Manager for iSeries get error 6288 on Win 7 64bit


    I got this too!

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    Re: Content Manager for iSeries get error 6288 on Win 7 64bit


    Can you paste your exact value here for LOCPATH ? LOCPATH cannot have "" or any spaces in Folder name.. i.e

    LOCPATH="C:\Program Files\IBM" will NOT work.. It has to be: LOCPATH=C:\Progra~1\IBM