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‏2014-01-29T09:33:40Z | impending smcli

Dear All,


We have IBM AN Storage DS3400, two ibm servers are booting windows 2003 server from this SAN.  Recently i noticed a warning Impending Drive Failure in drive which is in RAID 5.  Recovery guru in Storage Manager given some steps to manually replace the drive.  When I try the first command on below recovery procedure:


Perform the following steps to manually fail the affected drive:


Open a Command Prompt, and type the following command:

SMcli -n <storageSubsystem_name>;

where storageSubsystem_name is the name of the storage subsystem listed in the Details area.

Note: If you receive an error from this command, change your working directory to the directory that contains the SMcli executable.


Execute the following command to manually fail a drive in an array:

set drive [trayID, slotID] operationalState=failed;


it gives the follwoing error


 "The -n option will not work because either the storage subsystem named storagename;

does not exist in the configuration file or its name has changed. Execute
option -d -v to see the updated names in the configuration file. If the name
does not exist, either add this storage subsystem using the Add Storage Subsyste
m option
in the storage management software or specify, on the command line, the names or
IP addresses used to manage this storage subsystem. Then, retry the -n option.
SMcli failed."

Please note, I can access storage from storage manager successfully and the name of the storage also correct.


Please suggest what to do to fix the errors.

  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: Impending Drive Failure


    You can use the DS Storage Manager to execute the command.

    In the Enterprise manager window (the first window you get in the storage manager) You right click your storage subsystem, and choose "Execute Script"



  • kishore567c
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    Re: Impending Drive Failure


    you can use DS storage manager also  to fail the drive.

    1. Select the drive which is in impending state.

    2. Advance->recovery->Fail Drive