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I just thought I would share a tip that had me puzzled for a couple of days.

When configuring IMM 2 Firmware 2.50 (1AOO40Z) i was having issues getting emails to send.

I won't go through everything, but the solution was to use a FQDN under the DDNS section. All of the domains i manage use .local extentions, so naturally i put domainname.local.

This needs to be changed to (or something appropriate).

What IMM seems to do is generate the SMTP From address using the domain name assigned, and obviously alertsmgr@domainname.local won't be accepted by any SMTP Server.

Anyway, i hope this helps someone else in the future.

On a side note, it would be much better if IBM just simply gave an option to specify the sending smtp address :)


Peter Sheridan


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    Re: IMM II Email Configuration


    Thanks Peter, I have the same issue and this is solution.

    But I hope IBM can fix that, because its not completely right!