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I'm working in RDZ 803 environment 

The RDZ started tasks are working without problems from months.  The last IPL has been done 10 days ago and all the  RDZ started task ( JMON ,RSED and LOCKD)  started  without any problem  In these days nothing has been changed in the RDZ code ( PTF or so on)  but today, after closing and restart  the RDZ started tasks the    RSED was unable to start and received this error message ==> RSE DEMON ENDED WITH RETURN CODE 255


Is there anyone who can help me or to tell me the meaning of 255 code ?
Many thanks in advance 


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    Re: RSE daemon ended -- return code 255 -

    ‏2013-06-17T19:05:17Z  in response to gius

    From another post in this Forum...

    "The return code is basically only good to indicate something went wrong, as it gets mangled traversing through the different layers (RDz->Java->USS).

    To find the cause of the failure, you should have a look at rsedaemon.log and rseserver.log in /var/rdz/logs/ and the syslog.

    If the logs don't give a clear clue, enable tracing by setting debug_level=2 in /etc/rdz/ and attempt to start the daemon again.
    rsedaemon.log and rseserver.log will hold more info that should help you, or contact RDz support to figure out what's going on."

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      Re: RSE daemon ended -- return code 255 -

      ‏2013-06-18T14:50:56Z  in response to walexand

      Just to help other guys that can find this kind of problem I put here the end of this 'story'.....

      The problem was related to a modification on customer environment  about  RACF definitions .

      The APPL class was no more RACLISTED ( we don't know why someone cancelled this definition on customer environment ) . But it was difficult to find what was changed ( even because of the absence

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