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Pinned topic TomatoCart v2.0 – will be an open source ecommerce framework based on codeigniter and extjs

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Rich Internet applications (RIAs) are web applications that provide a graphical user interface similar to that of Windows and Mac. Combined with modern technology Ajax, web desktop applications offer significant usability. It makes interaction with the web interfaces faster and more efficient. 
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Customers Management 
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The TomatoCart administration panel is completely written with ExtJS, a cross-browser JavaScript? library for building RIAs. It offers plenty of super-high-quality widgets to build web application. It will take only several clicks to complete a transaction, while traditional HTML-based applications may require several page redraws.

In addition, web desktop applications support multi-window operations, so that store owners can work with Articles, FAQs and Article Categories at the same time. And Sidebar is the latest feature. It serves as a real-time monitor of online business with four practical gadgets, Clock, New Emails, New Customers and New Orders.

Since the TomatoCart v1.0’s framework getting old and the core is not a pure MVC design, it causes many troubles to create extensions for TomatoCart and make an update. We realized that it’s time to make a complete redesigned to resolve the limitations in TomatoCart v1.x. 

The primary goal of TomatoCart v2.0 is to create a simple open source ecommerce framework; it enables developers and designers full-feature ecommerce solution. Below are the key features introduced in TomatoCart v2.0.

1.    Codeigniter
TomatoCart v2.0 is complete rewrite base on Codeigniter which is a very popular PHP development framework. It has great performance and it provides a quick web development environment for developers. 

The primary goal is to create a solution with strong extensibility and flexibility. Developers can override any components without touch any core code. This keeps the framework very clean and is very easy for upgrade.

2.    Template Engine
We have made significant improvement in the template system; it is now more like a content management system. We have created a template layout management module in the admin where users can have full control over all pages and template modules. Users can create multiple instances of template modules by drap & drop the template module to different content group and configure parameters for each module.

3.    Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design term is related to the concept of developing a website design in a manner, that helps the lay out to get changed according to the user’s computer screen resolution.
Our responsive web design is slight different from the concept, but more like a sub template system. That’s to say for different device we create different view system, this way can offer user better experience. Currently the template engine support web and mobile device later we will include the support for pad. We use jQuery mobile to create the mobile view for the mobile device. 

The TomatoCart v2 demo is online, we will send out the source code to community developers soon.

The store frontend url:
The store admin url:

username: admin 

password : admin 

For more deatils, visit 

TomatoCart v2.0 alpha 1 is available for download. For more details, visit   
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