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‏2014-01-07T15:07:46Z |

I am hoping someone may be able to assist me with adding an additional VPN to my EChasis because for some reason everything I try just is not working. I have 2 4 port Cisco switches in the system but only using 1. My system has 2 VPN currently configured VPN1 management and VPN2 operational. I am trying to add a 3rd. I have tried via command line and through the cisco networking assistant both with no success.

What I would like to occur is for 2 of my blades to be able to communicate on two of the VLANS simultaneously.

I have created VLAN3 and added an IP address of to it. I have added Gi0/20 port 4 of the cisco switch and its operational mode is static access, trunk-Allowed VLAN 1-1005 and Prunning VLANs 2-1001. This port is connected to an external switch also configured with VLAN3 and an IP address of

Ports Gi0/9 and Gi013 I which are HS22's need to be able to communicate with my LAN, which is working now, as well as the devices on VLAN3. Both ports are configured as 802.1Q Trunks, Trunk-Allowed 1-1005 and Prunning VLANs 2-1001 with Native VLAN=2. I set the IP address on Ethernet 2 on one HS22 to and the other to

When I try to ping from an HS22 I get nothing. When I try to reach a external switch I get nothing. I can ping between the two HS22's.

The external switch has another server connected to it which can ping but cannot reach


What am I missing here that is preventing me from getting out of the blade system.


Thank you in advance.


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