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Pinned topic Not able to view placement using xscmd

‏2014-04-08T18:20:42Z | xscmd

Hi, I added eXtreme scale to our product which is running on WebSphere 8.5.5. I installed eXtreme Scale 8.6 at WAS location and augment profile. Added objectgrid.xml & objectGridDeployment.xml in application war, see attachments. Added to classpath. Created Catalog service domains named AuctionMonitorCSD, see attached image.
On start of application logs shows proper start of eXtreme Scale cache, however one error shown in log for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

When tried to access chache placements using "xscmd -cep localhost:2810 -c showPlacement -g AUCTION_MANAGER_GRID -ms MANAGERS" got error CWXSI0062E: Catalog service is unavailable at the localhost:2810 endpoint.

Please can someone point out if I missing something.

Attaching application logs.

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    Re: Not able to view placement using xscmd


    The first issue "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" got resolved. It occurs when system doesn't have IP.

    But still second issue is there, I was not able to access cache placements using "xscmd".