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‏2013-07-11T07:31:56Z | embedded images linux preview

I have two ICN 2.0.1 FP1 installations, one over windows and other over linux SUSE.

Archived some .doc (.docx) documents in the repository. These documents have embedded images.

If I do preview of these documents using the windows server the images are showed, however if I connect to LNX machine the document is showed without images.

In the limitations URL:

I can not find this problem.

Do you know what can I do to preview documents with embedded images using a ICN LNX server? Is this a product limitation or is it working as designed?

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    Re: Preview documents with images


    It should be possible to view these documents with the Preview action, including embedded images.  It is possible that there are some configuration details that are not quite right on the Linux system.  If help is needed, please go ahead and open a PMR so that the issue can be investigated.