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Pinned topic Install 3.1 on (bad ?) hostname

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Hello Experts ..


Installed 3.1 on a host entitled, My_Hostname.grid.


All is well until I try to make in instance.  For some reason, that underscore

above is verbotten. (Prevented from making an instance, bad host name.)

So I changed the host name to one without underscores, started an instance

with streamtool, yadda.


But, in Streams Studio, Streams Explorer still sees the original host name,

doesn't see/like my already started instance, yadda.


I found a a file in (Streams prod dir)/install/hostname with the first hostname,

fixed that, rebooted, no effect. I see nothing under ./StreamsStudio that contains

the hostname.


Can I repair this issue without re-install ?



thanks in advance,










  • Stan
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    Re: Install 3.1 on (bad ?) hostname


    Please post the error mesage and create instance failure description.  Lately there have a few posts to the forum where incorrect settingg in /etc/.hosts/ have caused instance create failures.  Please check /etc/hosts and insure that the hostname in only listed on one line (associated with one IP) and be sure the localhost entry ( and (if needed for IPV6 ::1)) doesnot contain an actual host name. 


    If the problem is not found in /etc/hosts please post the fialure informaiton, the entries from /etc/hosts and whether this is a standalone system or is is networked.