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Pinned topic Exclude some catalogs from search

‏2013-07-12T10:31:55Z | solr

Hi, I've published the Aurora store, there are certain categories which has been not displayed in the site ( uncheckd the display to customer checkbox) but when user search those products are coming in the search result.

Is there any customization in Solr search so that I can specify not to search in those specified catalogs.

Thank you.

  • JessieYY
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    Re: Exclude some catalogs from search


    you can insert a record into FACETCATGRP table, like 

    insert into facetcatgrp (facetcatgrp_id, facet_id, sequence, storeent_id, catgroup_id, displayable) values (1, 1, 0.0, 10001, 10036, 0);

    make displayable=0.

    With this method, you will disable all the categories that belong to 10036, we can not disable just one leaf category.

  • dpk_wcs
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    Re: Exclude some catalogs from search


    Does it possible to have category level facet sequencing for classic attribute model ?
    I know it is possible to have it for attribute dictionary model with  the help of FACETCATGRP table.