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Pinned topic Run OPL example on Linux

‏2014-05-16T20:17:23Z |

Hi, there,

I am pretty new to OPL and I just started to learn how to use it. I am wondering how can I run examples, tried " oplrun blending.mod blending.dat" , didn't work. Thanks in advance for any comment.



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  • AlexFleischer
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    Re: Run OPL example on Linux

    ‏2014-05-19T08:11:29Z  in response to viva0521


    in doc IDE and OPL > Starting Kit > Working Environment > Supported platforms
    Linux platforms

    Only the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH is needed to point to the shared libraries of the CPLEX Studio distribution.




    In doc IDE and OPL > CPLEX Studio IDE > Getting Started with the IDE > Introduction to the CPLEX Studio IDE > Launching the CPLEX Studio IDE

    Starting the IDE from Linux

    You can start the IDE from a Linux terminal.

    To launch the IDE from a Linux terminal:

        Open a terminal window.

        Change directory to <installdir>/opl/oplide

        Enter the command ./oplide

    Or, from any terminal location, type the absolute path:




    • viva0521
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      Re: Run OPL example on Linux

      ‏2014-05-19T15:09:55Z  in response to AlexFleischer


      Thanks for your comment.

      First, the error information for my  "oplrun didn't work" is permission denied,

      :/usr/CPLEX_Studio126/opl/bin/x86-64_linux> oplrun /usr/CPLEX_Studio126/opl/examples/opl/blending>blending.mod /usr/CPLEX_Studio126/opl/examples/opl/blending>blending.dat
      -bash: blending.mod: Permission denied


      so I guess my account (remote control on linux terminal) has limited authority. More, when I tried to launch IDE on linux terminal, it is another error:

      :/usr/CPLEX_Studio126/opl/oplide> ./oplide

      An error has occurred. See the log file.

      Do you think this is because the authority issue of my account or the process of  installation? Thanks!

      Update: Alex, finally I fixed this problem by adding the library path into my linux environment setting. However, I still can not execute IDE on my terminal, it looks like the system missed some clips file there. Anyway, it may be helpful for other newbie like me to solve this kinda issue. Thanks again!

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