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Pinned topic Deployed Assets: custom device type support

‏2014-01-15T16:47:47Z |
I'm trying to figure out the correct approach for "extending" SCCD (TAMIT) deployed 
assets in order to add a support for custom device types, such as TELCO 
From what I understood, the following applications are provided by SCCD                                                                   
in order to work with deployed assets (HW):                               
   - Computers                                                          
   - Network devices                                                    
   - Printers                                                           
TELCO equipment we're going to integrate doesn't "fit well" into 
aplications provided by SCCD for the following reasons:                
1. We need a support of deployed assets hierarchy, such as             
    This is not supported by "Network Devices" application, but 
    is supported by "Computers" applications                                                
2. We have to have additional attributes for deployed assets, which     
   depends on equipment type. For example, different attributes for 
   Cabinets, Subracks, Boards etc
3. The information presented in DPA application has to reflect specific equipment 
   attributes, columns for lists, etc.
Please suggest direction(s) to follow in order to fulfill such requirement
Thank you