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Pinned topic Next DB2 Tech Talk Jan 23rd: Leverage InfoSphere Optim Workload Replay to Make DB Changes Faster and Less Risky

‏2014-01-09T18:37:11Z | db2 infosphere optim

IBM InfoSphere Optim Workload Replay can significantly improve your database testing experience and help you successfully manage change in your database environments, whether you are adopting BLU Acceleration, upgrading DB2 versions, or making the move to DB2.


Using InfoSphere Workload Replay, you can capture production workloads and use them to build realistic testing environments. This helps assess a wide range of database changes before production deployment and without extensive script creation or application setup, thus making the change process faster and less risky.


In this session, we will examine the use of InfoSphere Workload Replay to facilitate database testing in efforts to validate version, platform or infrastructure changes. We will discuss how to use the tool to prepare for BLU Acceleration, and review some of the key use cases.