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Pinned topic Does IMS Connect in Datapower Supports commit mode 0 and 1 ?

‏2013-06-27T14:16:45Z |

Hi All,

I was doing a POC on IMS connect in Datapower XI50 , version

The consumer will be SOAP/HTTP and the back end is mainframe IMS transactions.

We are being able to establish successful connectivity with back end and getting a proper cobol response from back end with out any issues.

In mainframe there will be two kinds of commit modes for any transaction such as commit mode 0 ( zero : commit-then-send response) and Commit mode 1 (one : send response- then commit ).

Can any of you please let me know that wether the  Datapower version 5.x is having support to both the commit modes 0 and 1  ??

If not which version of Datapower or patch will provide complete suppport ??

This information is required for me to complete the POC, kindly help ASAP.


Jiss Peter,

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