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Pinned topic Webinar on IBM DB2 Technology Explorer. DATE: August 03, 2011 TIME: 3PM - 4PM

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 Webinar on IBM DB2 Technology Explorer. DATE: August 03, 2011  TIME: 3PM - 4PM
TE is web based tool to help beginners,developers, client facing teams to demonstrate the feature of DB2 through workshops of individual DB2 features.The workshops are divided in to tutorials and sub-tutorials focusing on areas in DB2 like Security, partitioning, pureXML, Monitoring etc.
The developer can put in his own tutorials or workshop on his own related to DB2 feature. At the end user level, he can connect to a DB2 database of his own and try the workshops and learn DB2. For a sales person of Client demonstration team can use it do show actual working DB2.For a developer he can convert his learning's into a workshop.

Webinar Overview
    Background on IBM Technology Explorer
    Purpose of TE
    Demonstration of Workshops through TE
    How to develop a tutorial in TE
    Advantages and current development in TE
    Close & Question
To get the Live demo link & Registration details, kindly visit