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‏2013-10-16T20:31:41Z |

Hi there, in applying the latest update of the SAN controller firmware, while doing its pre-installation it told me the firmware on the actual disk is not the recommended level.

This tool has found the internal disks of this system are not running the recommended firmware versions. Details follow:

| Model                | Latest FW | Current FW | Drive count |
| ST91000640SS         | BD2F      | BD2A       | 3           |
| MK1401GRRB           | SC29      | SC27       | 3           |

We recommend that you upgrade the drive microcode at an appropriate time. If you believe you are running the latest version of microcode, then check for a later version of this tool. You do not need to upgrade the drive firmware before starting the software upgrade.

However, no info anywhere on how I'm supposed to perform the firmware upgrade on the disks. While lots of info is available on the firmware upgrade for the controller, I can't find any info on the IBM web site on how to upgrade the disk firmware.

Help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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