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Pinned topic RAD 8.0 Installation issue

‏2013-06-29T06:54:23Z | rad

Hi Friends ,
Good morning 

I have problem with Rad 8.0 installation please read my whole story.
I got new laptop with single C: Drive i created two more partition using 
manage Drive .Then after in installed RAD 8.0 in my E: drive with the 
thought that i will make my all installation separately now it was successfully.
after using two day i put a pen drive in my laptop . now here is one problem 
with windows 7 that ibm provides you put your pen drive then all of your drive 
merge and make again a single drive with c: drive now my installation is lost.

now the problem is that :-
1.when i am trying to reinstaal this .it is saying Rad is already installed modify or update

2 when i am trying to uninstall it .it is saying No E: location is found .

notes that i already gone through no files exist in my C: drive

no Rational software is install in my registry :

Please suggest thanks in Advance