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Jerker Emilsson SEB
Jerker Emilsson SEB
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Pinned topic Design zcEE Service response - when based on DB2 restful services?

‏2019-09-19T09:24:43Z | 2 db design json mapping

We're using DB2 restful services and are eager to expose them through zcEE. 
In doing this the sar file is built using the toolkit and then it is possible to design an api on top by importing the sar built in the toolkit to the api design.
BUT, I would like to have a representation of the service in zcEE desing to be able to redesign the service response from DB2 restful service. This feature is available for a cobol or pl1 based service( based on cob copy).

Is it possible (in zcEE) achieve this redesign of the service response for a service based on DB2 restful service?

The .si files that are basis for this redesign, can they be based on importing a json structure rather than a cobol copy strucure?