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I am using AIX 5.3 release 12 on IBM Power Servers & going to install Oracle 10gR2 DB. As per the pre-requisite, I have downloaded "vacpp filesets" from below URL

During execution of setup using "smit update_all", I have received failure due to some missing pre-requisite. The error message of SMIT is as given below.

They cannot be installed until all of their requisite filesets
 are also installed.  See subsequent lists for details of requisites.

   memdbg.adt                        # User Heap/Memory Debug Toolkit
   memdbg.aix50.adt                  # User Heap/Memory Debug Toolk...
   vac.C                             # IBM XL C Compiler
   vac.ndi                           # IBM XL C Non-Default Install...
   vacpp.cmp.core                    # IBM XL C/C++ Compiler
   vacpp.cmp.include                 # IBM XL C/C++ Compiler Includ...                   # IBM XL C/C++ Tools
   vacpp.ndi                         # IBM XL C/C++ Non-Default Ins...
   xlC.adt.include                   # C Set ++ Application Develop...

 MISSING REQUISITES:  The following filesets are required by one or more
 of the selected filesets listed above.  They are not currently installed
 and could not be found on the installation media.

   memdbg.adt                        # Base Level Fileset
   memdbg.aix50.adt                  # Base Level Fileset
   vac.C                             # Base Level Fileset
   vac.ndi                           # Base Level Fileset
   vacpp.cmp.core                    # Base Level Fileset
   vacpp.cmp.include                 # Base Level Fileset                   # Base Level Fileset
   vacpp.ndi                         # Base Level Fileset
   xlC.adt.include                   # Base Level Fileset

So, I would like to know how to resolve this error without which I can not start Oracld DB setup.


Nishith N.Vyas