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Pinned topic How to downoad a single file or subdir to filesystem?

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Is there a simple way to download a file or even subdir from the Java GUI?

By default, it has either option to "copy project to filesystem" which gets the whole project,  or "view" a file - which often fails if  the GUI has no clue which program to use. (did they do usability testing for this thing?)

Should I write an 'universal viewer' add-on and set it as the viewer for all files?



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    Re: How to downoad a single file or subdir to filesystem?

    ‏2014-01-05T22:51:49Z  in response to ddbug

    It is not possible to download single subdirs from a Synergy Project like in subversion. You only can copy a whole project to your filesystem, as you mentioned. Notice, that file dates and times are set to the time when they are copied. You don't get the original date of the files when using this feature. I don't know, if there is an option to switch to original file dates, but I don't think so. You only get this in the work areas.

    For viewing / editing files take a look on the options provided for ccm.ini and file. Usually Synergy uses the Windows definitions for viewing or editing files, depending on file suffixes. But you can make your own definitions in Synergy. Same for comparing and merging files. There is a manual for using Tools like Beyond Compare with Synergy in the IBM Tech Notes.

    Easiest way is to edit the file types in the classic client, which is still available in 7.1. Your Settings are stored in one of the config files, should be ccm.ini. You have to transfer these settings to all your clients / machines. I think there is no way to set this on the server for all projects and clients.

    An effective way to define a viewer or editor for file types is to define a viewer and an editor for the Synergy supertypes, as there are the ascii and the binary type.

    For more details I have to take a further look. Just ask. 

    Regards, Rainer