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Pinned topic Endevor/ CARMA integration - footprint display

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I hope someone can advise.

In our shop our developers compile (even for unit test) via Endevor. I guess its because we have so many different build processes depending on the type of program that is being compiled. We could recreate all of these build procedures in RDz but it would require a lot of Property Groups and a lot of work.

Our green screen developers typically add a source back into Endevor and Endevor will compile for them according to the metadata defined in Endevor. To find out if the compile has been succesful they will look at the listing via Endevor's footprint display option which allows them to view the compile listing which Endevor has archived,

Is there any way to view the Endevor compile listing via the CARMA view?

If not as standard then perhaps someone out there has added the feature via Menu Manager or a plug in of their own?


Thanks in advance






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    Re: Endevor/ CARMA integration - footprint display

    ‏2013-05-30T18:07:43Z  in response to 7902_John_McAvenue

    In the CARMA view you should be able to select the Element, right click and choose Custom > Print Element.  In the resulting dialog, choose L (for Listing) in the 'Type of print requested' field.    Assuming the request is successful you should see a dialog with a DSN filled in where the Listing will be located and an Open button to open that data set for examination.

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      Re: Endevor/ CARMA integration - footprint display

      ‏2013-06-03T08:55:32Z  in response to walexand

      Thanks Waxeland.

      I can see how that would work.

      It outputs the listing to a file which i can then open via RSE. I had imagined it would open the listing up diretly on screen but thats fine. Perhaps that may be an idea for an enhancement or perhaps the process is customisable to do this?

      In my case the print option works fine from our LIVE library in Endevor but what I'm really interested in doing is booking source into a DEV region and checking the compile listing that is generated at that point (if the add element return code indicates a problem).

      Right clicking on the element in DEV and printing the listing returned reason Code = 2 and return Code = 12.

      Do you recognise the error or have any advice on troubleshooting CARMA?

      Thanks and regards






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    Re: Endevor/ CARMA integration - footprint display

    ‏2013-06-25T21:15:01Z  in response to 7902_John_McAvenue

    Hi John,

    Sorry for a very delayed response, but I just read you note.

    In the later versions of RDz (think it came with 8.5.1) there is an "Open" button on the messagebox, where you get the "Print Successful" message. So you do not have to open via RSE.

    For the error message, I guess that Endevor cannot retrieve the listing. You can see the messages on CARMALOG ddcard on the task on the host.

    I hope this helps

    Rational, Nordics