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Pinned topic Maximo 7.5 SR/INC summary over-written by Ticket Template Description

‏2013-04-15T23:11:04Z |

I previously posted about Classifications overwriting my summary fields - and was helpfully pointed towards the 'use in description' checkbox, which prevents this.

I have a similar problem in that we have many ticket templates with titles (so that we can locate them) but when we apply a template to an SR or an INC, the template's title overwrites the summary of the ticket.

How can I ensure that if my ticket template has a title, that the template title does not overwrite an SR or INC when the template is applied?

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    Re: Maximo 7.5 SR/INC summary over-written by Ticket Template Description

    ‏2013-04-23T20:00:31Z  in response to AndrewMc

    Ticket template fields are copied into a ticket using a crossover domain.  Simple edit this crossover domain to remove the fields you don't want to copy into the ticket.  Go to the System Configuration ->Platform Configuration->Domains app and edit the TKTEMPLATE domain to either remove the DESCRIPTION attribute or set the No Overwrite checkbox (depending on the behavior you want)

    You can also bring additional attributes from the ticket template into the ticket by following this procedure.