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Pinned topic Installed RFT 8.6 runs extremely slow (Chrome)

‏2016-10-11T12:59:49Z |

A simple script with a search line in Google is written painfully slow one character at a time.

In several threads it is recommended to change parameter values in file to solve this issue.


1) It seems very primitive to change such an important and usable parameter in a file. Is there not a settings menu in RFT (like Window -> Preferences -> Functional Test -> Playback -> Mouse delays) or similar?


2) The file is of type "PROPERTIES File" when edited with notepad it loses its type and becomes TXT. Does this have any impact in RFT's function? What editor is to be edited with?


PS: Changed:    #rational.test.ft.timeout_pb_event_consumed=1000
To:        rational.test.ft.timeout_pb_event_consumed=100

but didn't speed up playback.


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