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‏2016-12-13T17:00:48Z | aix disable mq

We have an AIX LPAR on which we have installed MQ v8.0.0.4 that we use for testing.  There are some security concerns on this server which require manual health checks for our trio of middleware packages (MQ Series, WebSphere Application Server, & DB2), however we do not use this test server for testing often.  The LPAR is in a secure lab, and we maintain this environment so that we might have a place we can duplicate customer issues (using customer data if necessary).  While we are not actively testing on this LPAR, we would like to stop/disable the MQ Series services which should negate the requirement for us to perform manual health checking for this middleware.  As all things AIX seem needlessly time consuming and complex, we would like to stop/disable the MQ Series services rather than remove/uninstall it.  Can someone suggest a clean way to stop/disable (as well as subsequently starting/re-enabling) the MQ Series services on this AIX LPAR?

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    The easiest way would be to set up procedures to stop all MQ managers and to restart them only if the manual security checks pass...

    Anything else would involve removing and reinstalling the product...