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Pinned topic hx:scriptCollector - safe to remove?

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Dear collective wisdom,

as far as I understand, the purpose of <hx:scriptCollector> tag is to ensure that correct JavaScript libraries in JWL are inserted into a page. However, according to document JSF Widgets Library (JWL) supported browsers only very old browsers (such as IE8 and Firefox 4) are supported and therefore in practice we cannot use them. I am trying to remove all components requiring JWL from our applications. We still plan to use some hx-components, though. For instance, <hx:jspPanel> is very useful. However, none of these components require any JavaScript from JWL (for example we use jQuery for sorting and paging in <hx:dataTable> instead of JWL).

RBD inserts <hx:scriptCollector> tag automatically. Is it safe to remove it? I would prefer not having any component in the page for which I cannot see any purpose. In addition, removing it would facilitate discovering any use of JWL we have missed.

Setup: RBD 9.0.1 targeting JSF (deployed to Tomcat 6).

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    Re: hx:scriptCollector - safe to remove?


    Hi, I have sent an e-mail to JWL team, will keep you posted.