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Pinned topic Milestone 14 and TDI

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I've installed as well the GA version of Jazz SM as well as the latest Milestone (14) each on a sepearate server. . On both I installed the TDI and FP2 as it is shipped within. I updated the "bind" and "rest" file in the osgi/plugins directory and restarted DASH as well as the TDI, but still TDI is shown as "no data returned".  I'm running the Jazz and TDI on RH Linux 64 bit

I'm starting the TDI with ./itmditk &  and it appears in my X11 window. tWhen running my Project/assembly line in TDI  (run console)  the connection to my DB2 database is establisehed and it fetches the data. 

It is not possible to drag an drop the project into the default server  using X11.

I can update connections in DASH but nothing changes; I can create a new page and run "edit" but I don't see the datasource.

What needs to be checked or corrected?



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    Re: Milestone 14 and TDI


    I've asked some people who understand the fine details of TDI and DASH better than I do to help out on this Michael.