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‏2013-08-16T08:30:18Z | glossary multiple;edit;

In the previous version it was possible to edit multiple terms at once.

Need to move 50 terms to a new category. Is there any other way than going through each one individualy?



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    Re: Edit Multiple terms


    Hi Jan-

    Yes.  We're on 8.7 so hope this helps you. 

    A couple of options.

    If you are an Administrator you can do an Export to a csv file, delete all but the 50 terms you want to change, change the Parent Category field for those 50 terms and then re-import them.

    If there is something about the current terms that will let you narrow down to them in Search (using options - which does allow some powerful customization but circumstances may still not work for you) you can then check the box in front of the 50 terms and choose the edit button at the top.  That will then ask you what fields you want to change for all of those terms.  You would select Category and then fill in the new category.  BG then does a mass update of those.

    Might be other options but those are what I use.

    Good luck!