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‏2013-06-05T19:51:48Z |

I want to load a properties file to be used by my Web Application in WAS CE.

When I do it on websphere ND or sun One I include it in the jvm arguments as a '-D' parameter for eg.<INSTALLED_APP_DIR>/GiAdmin_war.ear/GiAdmin.war/WEB-INF/classes/

I tried putting this param in the setenv of WAS CE, but it did not work. In fact I placed it in almost every directory after the war was extracted in the repository, but WAS CE cannot seem to find it.

In the code, I am accessing the file as:

      this.initprop = new Properties();
      this.initprop.load(new FileInputStream(""));

And the exception I'm getting is: (The system cannot find the file specified) giadmingui.util.Util.setPropertyFile( giadmingui.util.Util.initialise(

I'm using WAS CE 2.1..1.6

Please tell me how to make WAS CE load this properties file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Load Properties file in WAS CE


    It looks like the properties is not in the classes path. Could you show the complete log?