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Hi, all.

I'm a newbee to MQ.  My issue stated here may have already solved; I just can't find the solution.  In fact, I find a post having the same problem  but there's no resolution.

I installed MQ on 2 Selinux servers.  I have successfully verified both servers using instruction given on "Verifying a local server installation using the command line on Linux".

When following the instruction given on "Verify a server-to-server installation using the command line on Linux", I kept failing.  The sender channel QMA.QMB on sender server is in Retrying state (using MQExplorer).  I can ping the receiver host on sender server.  When I run "PING CHANNEL(QMA.QMB)" in RUNMQSC, I got remote host unavailable error.  On the receiver server, I see the listener is running and channel QMA.QMB is in "inactive" state.

Any suggestion for this MQ newcomer?



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    Re: Sender channel in retrying state


    Hi Megan,

    A TCP/IP ping proves that the IP address is reachable. An MQ PING CHANNEL command also needs the port number to be correct. You say you have a listener running, which is good (first thing to check!). What port is the listener listening on? If you didn't give the listener an explicit port to run with when you started it, it will be using port 1414. You can issue DISPLAY LSSTATUS(*) ALL to see what it is running with.

    The port number of your listener should also be used in the CONNAME of your SENDER channel as well or you will get exactly the error you ar seeing.