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Pinned topic How to disable Prerequisite Scanner during agent installation?

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How can I disable scanning for prerequisites while installing SCM-AI 1.2 products, for example, the OS agent)?


Prerequisite Scanner integrated with SCM-AI 1.2 products may return fail status when various prerequisites are not met on a host where SCM-AI components are being installed. One of the reasons to disable prerequisite scanning could be a desire to try the product on a platform that is not currently officially supported, for instance, CentOS.


A mechanism is implemented that allows users to by-pass prerequisite scanning. An environment variable has to be set so that SCM-AI installer will not run Prerequisite Scanner. The following example shows how to disable the scan while installing the OS agent:


Linux (assuming Bash shell):

root@host:/path/to/scm-ai/installation/directory # SKIP_PRECHECK=1 ./ install
Installing smai-framework-jre rpm package



To permanently set the variable, run:

root@host:/ # export SKIP_PRECHECK=1



C:\Path\to\SCM-AI\installation\directory> set SKIP_PRECHECK=1
C:\Path\to\SCM-AI\installation\directory> os-agent.bat install
The Prerequisite Scanner will be skipped.
Installing core framework...



Disabling prerequisite scanning may result in the installatioin process failure or incorrect behaviour of the SCM-AI components during startup and runt time. You should always install with scanning for prerequisites. Omitting this step is suggested only when trying to install on operating systems not present on a list of supported operating systems. You should be aware that when prerequisite scanning is disabled the following properties are not checked for (not a full list):

- operating system version,

- operating system bitness (32 or 64-bit),

- CPU architecture,

- available free RAM memory,

- available disk space,

- certain programs/packages presence (for example: ksh).

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