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Pinned topic move and resize dsndb01.spt01 (skel pckgs tsp)

‏2013-05-02T18:00:20Z |

I'd like to move the skeleton package table space and it's indexes to a different dasd volume and resize the primary and secondary allocations at the same time.  This directory is currently a user defined file.  We are planning on converting it to db2 managed, but we are not there yet and we need to move it now.

I was hoping to get some buy in on what my plan would be for moving it:

1. Image copy the tsp

2. stop the tsp and indexes

3.  IDCAMS delete the clusters for the tsp and indexes.

4. IDCAMS create the pieces again on the volume we want with the proper allocations

5. Start the tsp and indexes back in RW status

6. Recover with DSNUPROC from the image copy.


Will this work?  Do I need the DB2 instance to be down for this directory move?


Thanks for any input that can be provided.