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‏2017-10-31T14:14:38Z |

 created a resource and group with these commands for cdc and db2

(for db2 hadr all is correctly created)


mkrsrc IBM.Application \
Name=\"CDC_daemon\" \
ResourceType=1 \
StartCommand="/usr/sbin/rsct/sapolicies/db2/CDCstart.sh" \
StopCommand="/usr/sbin/rsct/sapolicies/db2/CDCstop.sh" \
MonitorCommand="/usr/sbin/rsct/sapolicies/db2/CDCmonitor.sh" \
MonitorCommandPeriod=30 \
MonitorCommandTimeout=30 \
StartCommandTimeout=600 \
StopCommandTimeout=30 \
UserName=\"dradmp1\" \
RunCommandsSync=1 \
ProtectionMode=0 \

mkrg CDC_group
addrgmbr -g CDC_group IBM.Application:CDC_daemon
mkrel -p DependsOn -S IBM.Application:CDC_daemon -G IBM.Application:db2_dblskp1_dblskp1_IEEINT-rs CDC_DependsOn_dblskp1_IEEINT
chrg -o Online CDC_group


no error when executed : scripts are available on both nodes

executing lssam indicates

Unknown IBM.ResourceGroup:CDC_group Nominal=Online
        '- Unknown IBM.Application:CDC_daemon
                |- Online IBM.Application:CDC_daemon:skveldb01


(lsrsrc-api) 2610-444 Cannot obtain values for some dynamic attributes. 0 attributes are not being monitored. 1 attributes have data pending.
lssam: An unexpected RMC error occurred.The RMC return code was 1.


and second node is not indicated

if executing monitor script on second node it returns 2 as it should and 1 on current node

any idea what/where to look for this

thanks for all help

best regards, Guy przytula