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Pinned topic Non-IT dept made enterprise SW selection?

‏2013-06-10T18:49:59Z | bugs; governance implementation;

I have been reading that IT is increasingly being left out of the decision of which Energy & Sustainability Mgt (ESM) system to buy.  Same is said to be true for Corp Social Responsbility (CSR) reporting software.  From my experience this could create a lot of problems, such as lack of platform integration with back-end data streams; database integrity; feeds to front end dashboards, etc., with implications for data quality, security and transparency.


So I am collecting stories (anonymously of course), about any such hassles/mishaps that you or your colleagues might have experienced as result of having the enterprise system selection process dominated by non-IT interests.  My hope is that by compiling them and publishing them (first to those that contributed them of course) that there could be fewer such suboptimal experiences in the future.   


My email is if you'd rather not post them here, or would prefer to arrange to talk on the phone.


Thanks so much for any stories you can point me to!


- Stephanie