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Pinned topic Lock a file on a particular branch

‏2013-09-10T03:17:06Z |

I'm trying to lock a file except for a user on a particular branch. Below is the command with no luck.

ct lock -nusers user1 a.txt brtype:<BRANCH NAME>

Can someone help me pls?


  • tcassid
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    Re: Lock a file on a particular branch


    I'd need to know the error message or the result of the command you have pasted above.  If you are trying to lock an element on a branch you could give the version extended path name as I have in the below example.

    [root@RHEL-62-X64 src]# ct lock -nuser tcassid RCL_API_Log_Sample_1_0_13286_1.xml@@/main/branch1
    Locked branch "RCL_API_Log_Sample_1_0_13286_1.xml@@/main/branch1".

    [root@RHEL-62-X64 src]# ct desc -l RCL_API_Log_Sample_1_0_13286_1.xml@@/main/branch1
    branch "RCL_API_Log_Sample_1_0_13286_1.xml@@/main/branch1" (locked)
      created 2013-06-21T17:50:33-04:00 by Tim Cassidy (tcassid.users@RHEL-62-X64)
      branch type: branch1
      Element Protection:
        User : tcassid  : r-x
        Group: users    : r--
        Other:          : r--
      element type: xml
      branched from version: /main/1

  • cc_starter
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    Re: Lock a file on a particular branch


    Hi tcassid,

    Thanks for your reply. I was able to lock the element on the branch successfully. But when i try to list the lock on the element to list the excluded users, I dont see anything.

    Here is an example of another file.

    ct lslock nvram.h
    --09-03T15:57  vobadmin   lock file element "nvram.h" (locked)
      "Locked except for users: builder vobadmin"