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‏2013-10-23T18:20:30Z |

[/opt/IBM/db2/V10.1/adm]$sudo db2licm  -l
Product name:                     "DB2 Express-C"
Expiry date:                      "01/20/2014 (Try & Buy)"
Product identifier:               "db2expc"
Version information:              "10.1"
Max number of CPUs:               "2"
Max amount of memory (GB):        "4"
Enforcement policy:               "Soft Stop"

But these all over the db2dump logs (and failures in my load scripts).  I'd prefer to use DB2 and all the docs say Express-C is FREE, but  I guess I'll have to go with Oracle's Mac VM solution.  This is all for development purposes.

2013-10-23- E82283E879           LEVEL: Error
PID     : 2176                 TID : 4848706560     PROC : db2sysc
INSTANCE: db2admin             NODE : 000           DB   : CB8
APPHDL  : 0-101                APPID: *LOCAL.db2admin.131023181512
AUTHID  : DB2ADMIN             HOSTNAME: pvum00529644a.local
EDUID   : 53                   EDUNAME: db2agent (CB8)
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, license manager, sqllcConnectUser, probe:2
MESSAGE : ADM12008C  The product "DB2 Express-C" does not have a valid license
          key installed and the evaluation period has expired. Functions
          specific to this product are not enabled. If you have licensed this
          product, ensure the license key is properly installed. You can
          install the license using the db2licm command. The license file can
          be obtained from your licensed product CD.


Looks like the license msgs in the db2diag*.log & db2admin*.nfy files are just NAGS.  I'll write a cron job to purge the db2dump directory intermittently.

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