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Pinned topic What happens when I post on the message board?

‏2012-09-10T19:46:36Z |
 When you post a question or discussion point on the message board, you can expect a few things to happen:
  •  On the IBM side, your question is forwarded to the entire PowerLinux development team. That includes the PowerLinux Experts  to whom you've been introduced in our blog. You are tapping into the deepest PowerLinux technical knowledge.
  • Depending on your question, you might see responses from a few different IBMers who are experts in different aspects of PowerLinux systems and tools.  
  • It's not unusual for the IBMers responding to ask a few questions to clarify what you need. You can subscribe to any thread to see when follow-up posts are made.
  • You might also see responses from other users who have similar questions --- or, even better -- answers!
  • In many cases, we will point you to existing function or documentation that will help with your question. 
  • In other cases, your questions make us aware of new requirements for the Linux on Power products, the operating systems, KVM, and OpenPower. We enjoy getting these questions that let us know what's most important to you.


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