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As an experimented web developer I frequently use RAD (Rational Application Developer) as my main development IDE. But I am also interested in Mobile development, so I wanted to integrate WL (WorkLight) 6 in my workspace. Unfortunately RAD 9.0.0 does not like/accept the WL plug-ins. 

Good news is that I had it working with RAD 9.0.1, but a little tweak is required in some cases.

Versions of the products

  • RAD 9.0.1
  • WL 6.1

Before you start, some notes

  • WL 6.1 cannot be installed over "RAD 9.0.0" (at least I did not find an easy way).
  • I have used IBM Installation Manager (IM) to install RAD, IM allows me to remove/add features from my RAD environment.


  1. Install RAD 9.0.1 or update if you already have it installed. Check the tweak note down here if you have the "Dojo Toolkit Libraries" feature installed.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on "IBM Worklight Developer Edition" link.
  4. Get the update site URL: click on the green arrow on the top-right and copy the repository.
  5. Load RAD, use "Help-Install new Software" and "Add.." a new repository location.  
  6. Use the "Location" field to paste the URL. Give an informative name.
  7. Check the checkbox "Group items by category" and then select the group "IBM Worklight Studio Development Tools"
  8. Proceed with the installation of WL.
  9. You need to clean your Eclipse environment, follow one of the options listed here: .
  10. Check the attachment to see a sample of the working environment.


You need to uninstall the "Dojo Toolkit Libraries" from RAD 9.0.1 in order to have the WL plug-ins working correctly.

  1. Open Installation Manager to Modify your installation.
  2. Select "Modify".
  3. Select the package with the target RAD enviroment.
  4. Click Next until you are in the panel with the description: "Select the features to install or clean the features to remove".
  5. Uncheck "Dojo Toolkit Libraries".
  6. Complete the modification pressing Next until the "Modify" is enabled.
  7. Wait for the process to complete and continue with the guide.

Useful information

Installation Manager and WL 6.0

  • Starting with WL 6.0, no IBM Installation Manager repository is available to install WL with by this way.
  • I installed a second instance of RAD with the Dojo feature in another package group, this somehow corrupted my installation and I had to uninstall both.


Errors when you try to install in WL in RAD 9.0.0

Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.

  Software being installed: IBM Worklight Studio (

  Software currently installed: IBM Software Delivery Platform 2013.10.1.101952 (IBM Software Delivery Platform 2013.10.1.101952)

  Only one of the following can be installed at once: 

    Core 1.0.200.v20130416_1206 ( 1.0.200.v20130416_1206)

    Core 1.1.0.v20131126_0602 ( 1.1.0.v20131126_0602)

  Cannot satisfy dependency:

    From: IBM Software Delivery Platform 2013.10.1.101952 (IBM Software Delivery Platform 2013.10.1.101952)

    To: [1.0.100.v20130416_1206]

  Cannot satisfy dependency:

    From: WTP Extensions 1.0.100.v20130416_1206 ( 1.0.100.v20130416_1206)

    To: [1.0.200.v20130416_1206]

  Cannot satisfy dependency:

    From: IBM Mobile Application Tools (

    To: []

  Cannot satisfy dependency:

    From: IBM Worklight Studio (

    To: 6.1.0

  Cannot satisfy dependency:

    From: Ui (

    To: bundle [1.1.0,2.0.0)



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