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‏2014-01-08T15:31:41Z | all already authenticated in is namespaces the user

Hi there,

When I try to start Controller Client sends me an error message, after selecting the database and insert the administrator user.
AAA-AUT-0013 The user is authenticated Already available in all namespaces.
I searched the error and I have just come to the solutions proposed for Cognos 10 BI.



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    Re: AAA-AUT-0013 Cognos Controller Error


    Although the error is not an exact match, here is a Cognos Controller Technote that relates to most of your error:

    Of the causes inside those Technotes, the most likely causes are:

    1. Forgetting to add the users into "Controller Users" and "Controller Administrators" groups
    2. Needing to delete/edit the existing entries inside the Controller database 'XCAMUSER' table (so that at least one user - e.g. ADM - is mapped to the CAM user)

    If that does not solve the problem, then I suggest you log a case (PMR) with IBM Support.

    Good luck!